• Option Knob Classic Glo

Option Knob Classic Glo

Fits traditional pedals such as Boss© and MXR©.
Knob Shaft Diameter Range:.220 to .235 in (5.58-5.96mm)
Available only in translucent


The OKnob uses a friction-based grip to replace your factory knob and fit tightly in its place. It is made out of very durable materials so that it can withstand being tossed around in your gig bag.

Traditional effects pedal knobs may be different sizes on the outside, but they all have a very similar size hole on the bottom side of the knob. We designed 2 different OKnobs, the Classic and the Boutique, which cover the entire range of knob shafts so that it will ensure a snug fit when you replace your factory knob. In seconds you can install the option knob on your favorite vintage pedal, or on your brand new pedal that you bought today!

The Classic OKnob works on traditional pedals such as Boss© and DOD©. The Boutique OKnob is specially designed for "boutique style" pedals which have a larger knob shaft diameter.

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Option Knob Classic Glo

  • Valmistaja: Option Knob
  • Tuotenumero: OPTIONKNOBGLO
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