Suzuki Pure Harp MR550 on ainutlaatuinen Ruusupuusta valmistettu Blues Harppu siinä huokuu puun lämpö soundissa ja käsissä !

  • Ruusupuu kuori 
  • Ruusupuu kampa
  • Fosfori Pronssikielet
  • Koko: 100 x 27 x 22 (mm) 
  • Paino: 95g

Suzuki MR-550 Pure Harp Harmonica.
The first Suzuki harmonica with a wood surface, musicians and audiences enjoy the sound of this authentic wood harmonica. The MR-550 Pure Harp is almost exclusively made from wood, built after the KOCHS HARMONIUM model, which dates back to the middle of the previous century. It can easily be said, that this is the only worthy wooden blues harmonica in serial production. Both beginners and intermediates can get much enjoyment from this instrument. An incredible durability and easy accessibility when it comes to bending, overblow and overdraw are crucial elements of this lovely instrument.

Model: MR-550
Available key: Major 12 keys + High G & Low F
Cover Plates: Rosewood
Comb: Rosewood
Reeds: Phosphor Bronze
Size: 100 x 27 x 22 (mm) 
Weight: 95g

Joe Powers:
"Whether I'm playing Tango, Jazz, Classical, Blues, or Samba, Suzuki has the right harmonica for the job. The SCX-64 Chromatix gives me the range I need and a clear tone that rings out whether amplified or acoustic. The MR-550 Pure Harp is warm and responsive and the rosewood is beautiful to hold and behold."

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Blues Huuliharppu DSuzuki Pure Harp MR-550

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