• Beyer: Vorschule im Klavierspiel Op. 101

Ferdinand Beyerin (1803-1863) pianokoululla aloittelijoille on ollut merkittävä vaikutus pianopedagogiikan kehittymiseen. Tekijän esipuhe:  "The object of this work is to furnish young players with as easy an introduction as possible to the art of playing on the pianoforte. It is intended for children, even the tenderest age, and the progression has therefore been made as gradual as possible within the limits of the work. From this it will be clear that an exhaustive treatment of all the difficulties, ornaments, etc., does not lie within the scope of this book, which is not meant to be more than an elementary instruction book to furnish the pupil with material to practice during his first and perhaps second year. There is, it is believed, room for a work of this kind which may also be used by musical parents in preparing their children for the professional Master."


Säveltäjä Beyer, Ferdinand
Soitin Piano

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Beyer: Vorschule im Klavierspiel Op. 101

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