MIDI-kaapeli Roland RMIDI-B20 - 6m

Soitin Laine Turku
Soitin Laine Helsinki
16,90 €


MIDI cable, 3 ft./1 m length. Also available in 5 ft./1.5 m (RMIDI-B5), 10 ft./3 m (RMIDI-B10), 15 ft./4.5 m (RMIDI-B15), and 20 ft./6 m (RMIDI-B20) lengths.

With Roland’s Black Series MIDI cables, you can connect all your MIDI gear with confidence. Commercial-grade nickel connectors, 4 conductor wires, and high-density shielding provide bulletproof performance, ensuring that every byte of music, timecode, and sys-ex data is always transferred perfectly.


  • Commercial-grade nickel DIN connectors
  • 4 conductor wire
  • High-density spiral shielding
  • Lifetime guarantee


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