• Log Drum Grover 25"

Log Drum Grover

  • pituus 25" (63,5 cm)
  • lyöntipinta padoukia
  • runko koivua

Kuvassa keskellä !

Grover Pro has taken log drums out of the primitive environs of the jungle and refined their sound and appearance to meet the demands placed on today’s percussionist! We accomplished this without sacrificing the dark, woody, and mysterious sonorities traditionally associated with such a primordial instrument.

While we believe that maple is ideal for the staccato sonorities of our woodblocks, and birch for the mellow tones of our temple blocks, for log drums we thoughtfully chose padauk wood, enabling us to create an instrument with the enhanced sustain and dark timbres thought of when composers specify log drums.

Each Grover log drum features a padauk sound board that is precision cut and tuned using CNC technology. We utilize high grade Baltic birch for the resonator box, chosen for it’s strength and stability. The dovetail joinery employed on every Grover log drum continues a long standing tradition started by New England wood craftsmen centuries ago. Resting atop the birch sound box is the tapered “double curve” padauk soundboard, designed for maximum tonal clarity and focus of sound.

The full set of all three sizes provide a pitch contour of over a full octave.

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Log Drum Grover 25"

  • Valmistaja: Grover
  • Tuotenumero: GROLOG-25
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
  • 335.00€

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