• Triplatorvi Bb/F/f-alto irtokello ei lakattu

Legendaarinen PAXMAN on taas saatavana myös meidän kautta !

  • F/Bb/ f-alto Triple bore Full Triple
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Following on from the development of the descant, Paxman again broke new ground with the introduction of the world’s first successful triple horn.

The Model 75-3 is the full triple. It has three separate ranks of valve slides, one each for the F-basso, Bb and f-alto horns, which are all independently tunable. They also have different cylindrical bores, combining the dual-bore systems of the Models 25 and 45, thus giving an even resistance across the entire instrument. The same unique mouthpipe valve is used as on the Models 40 and 45, allowing a completely independent f-alto side with the appropriate tapers.

Bore: M-medium E-Europa L-large A-American (New World)
Metal: Y-yellow brass G-gold brass N-nickel silver
Bell Flare: F-fixed D-detatchable
Lever Action: C-cord M-Minibal
Rotors: B-brass T-titanium
Pitch: A-442 unless otherwise specified

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Triplatorvi Bb/F/f-alto irtokello ei lakattu

  • Valmistaja: Paxman
  • Tuotenumero: PX-75.3MYDM-EK
  • Saatavuus: Tilattavissa - kysy toimitusaika
  • 15,655.00€
  • 14,775.00€

    (Sis ALV)