• Tuuban suukappale Denis Wick 2.5CC Heritage, hopeoitu

Wickin Heritage 2.5CC on suunniteltu etenkin isoille C- ja Bb-tuubille. Hyvä intonaatio ja leveä soundi, jossa on kuitenkin myös fokusta eikä pelkkää "huminaa".

  • Hopeoitu
  • Kokonaisläpimitta 46,4 mm
  • Kupin leveys 32 mm
  • Rimmin leveys 7,2 mm
  • Poraus 8,6 mm
  • V-mallinen takaporaus
  • Isolla sisäänmenolla (nykyajan soittimet)

Designed for 5/4 CC tuba this is a medium-large Helleberg-type. Great intonation on CC tubas thanks to the careful attention to the design of the backbore. Gives an excellent response and a lovely even sound in all registers. It works very well in 5/4 and 6/4 CC tubas, where it gives focus to the tone. I used this in my Nirschl 6/4 York-model CC, and would recommend this over larger mouthpieces for the very big tubas because it gives a centre to the sound.

I dislike mouthpieces which have a rim which is too wide. This rim is perfect! The 2.5CC works very well with my Yamaha Neo BBb in Brighouse and Rastrick. It has a great deep sound, but with that clarity in all registers especially the lower register, something the BBb player of today has to have. It gives me something I’ve been looking for with this instrument - bring on the test pieces!

Will Druiett, Winner, Junior Tuba prize, ITEC, Linz 2012, Principal BBb Bass Brighouse and Rastrick Band.

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Tuuban suukappale Denis Wick 2.5CC Heritage, hopeoitu

  • Valmistaja: Denis Wick
  • Tuotenumero: DW2186-2.5CC
  • Saatavuus: Ei varastossa
  • 99.00€

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