• Trumpetin C suukappale Monette C1-4-S6 SLAP


  • STC runko
  • Käsintehty
  • 24k kultaus
  • Vastaa noin Bach 1C kokoluokkaa
  • rimmin ulkomitta 1.080" Sharp
  • rimmin korkeus 0.830"
  • rimmin sisämittä 0.677" ;
  • Suhteellinen sysvyys 6,5

    The "S" series mouthpieces hold intensity better at soft dynamics, and offer a wider variety of articulation. When you play aggressively on them, the impact at the start of each note can sound and even feel like a "slap!" Hence the nickname here at the shop, which has seemed to stick.

    The top part of the cup is slightly more bowl shaped, which helps produce a larger sound. The "turn" of the "S" in the cup profile (where the mouthpiece cup turns from concave to convex) is more pronounced, making the mouthpiece more efficient for a faster response. The bottom of the cup has a more generous blend into the throat, which produces larger "targets' on every note so the mouthpiece is more forgiving to play.


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Trumpetin C suukappale Monette C1-4-S6 SLAP

  • Valmistaja: Monette
  • Tuotenumero: MON-STC-C14-S6
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
  • 295.00€
  • 195.00€

    (Sis ALV)