• Fiddle Time Scales 2

Fiddle Time Scales 2


Fiddle Time Scales 2 imaginatively develops musicianship skills, violin technique, and musical creativity through scales and arpeggios. It's an ideal companion volume to Fiddle Time Sprinters. Major and minor scales and arpeggios, plus dominant 7ths, chromatics, pentatonics, Blues scales, and modes. Pieces and studies for each key in a range of styles from Baroque to the Blues. Effective technical exercises for both right and left hand, including spiccato and 2nd and 3rd position. Duets and solos, some with chord symbols for keyboard or guitar accompaniment. Creative ideas to encourage composition, improvising, and question and answer activities. Practical ideas for aural training and theory. An ideal companion volume to Fiddle Time Sprinters.

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Fiddle Time Scales 2

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